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Try Our Thai>Chinese Translation Services::

We are fully devoted to providing high-level Thai to Chinese translation services. With decades of experiences in handing various Thai Chinese documentations, we have constantly equipped our team with experienced Thai Chinese translation professionals and experts, which enable us to become a most ideal partner for your Thai Chinese translation projects.

Thai>Chinese TranslationMeticulously-Recruited Thai > Chinese Translation Professionals

All of our Thai Chinese translators are carefully selected and, they are always prepared to offer you high quality translation from Thai to Chinese. We promise that they have all gained regular Thai Chinese studies or learning in China, enjoyed more than 5 years of field experiences in providing Thai Chinese translation services, and worked in well-known Thai Chinese translation companies or foreign trade companies for years. Their proven translation experiences always produce trustworthy and accurate Thai Chinese translations. As long as you need Thai Chinese translation services, please contact us and give us a try!

Translation by Experienced Thai > Chinese Linguists

Just as pharmaceutical translation, we adhere to the most strict and consistent quality standards for Thai Chinese translation projects. We appoint linguists and proofreaders with extensive Thai Chinese translation training, and/or rich work experiences in translation companies. It ensures that terms and documents are correctly translated. Besides, all of our Thai Chinese translators are native Chinese speakers and they could localize your Thai Chinese documents better for target audiences in China.

Thai>Chinese Translation

Thai Chinese TM & Terms Management

For each client, we normally create committed Trados TM and term databases which enable the term consistency and high quality. It makes the target files share the same style as the foregoing ones. For the same client, we always entrust the same translators to handle their projects, which makes the translation contextually consistent and reliable.


Introduction to Thai Language::


Thai ( ภาษาไทย Phasa Thai), more precisely Central Thai or Siamese, is the national and official language of Thailand and the native language of the Thai people, Thailand's dominant ethnic group.

Thai is a member of the Tai group of the Tai–Kadai language family. Some words in Thai are borrowed from Pali, Sanskrit and Old Khmer. It is a tonal and analytic language. 

Thai also has a complex orthography and relational markers. Thai is mutually intelligible with Lao.


Our Commitment

Professionalism We are a team of experienced translators with language talents and field knowledge.

Timeliness We provide you with timely and high quality translation.

Cost-Effectiveness We care about your budget and quality requirements.

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