全 日 制 劳 动 合 同Full-time Employment Contract
甲方(用人单位)名称:Name of Party A (Employer):
法定代表人(或主要负责人):Legal Representative (or Principal Responsible Person):
乙方:(劳动者)姓名Name of Party B (Employee):
居民身份证号:ID Card No:
文化程度:Education Background

The Parties, intending to be bound hereby, agree to enter into this Employment Contract on the basis of equality, free will and mutual consultation pursuant to the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”), the Employment Contract Law of the PRC and other laws, regulations and rules.
第一条 劳动合同类型及期限
Article 1 Type and Term of the Employment Contract
一、劳动合同类型及期限按下列第 项确定。
1. The type and term of the Employment Contract shall be determined as set forth in Item ___ below:
(1) Fixed Term: From ____ to ________;
2、无固定期限:自 年 月 日起至法定的解除或终止合同的条件出现时止。
(2) Open-ended: From _______ to the date when a statutory obligation or agreement to terminate the contract arises; or
3、以完成一定工作为期限:自 年 月 日起至 终止。
(3) Project-based: From _____ to the expiration of the term.
二、本合同约定试用期,试用期自 年 月 日起至 年 月 日止。
2. This Contract specifies a probationary period commencing on ________ and ending on _______.
第二条 工作内容、工作地点及要求
Article 2 Job Description, Workplace Location and Work Requirements
乙方从事 工作,工作地点在 。
Party B shall engage in the job of ______, with the workplace located at ____________.
乙方工作应达到以下标准 。
Party B’s work shall meet the following standards: ________. Party B’s job positions and workplace locations may be changed with the Parties’ mutual consent based on Party A’s work needs.
第三条 工作时间和休息休假
Article 3 Working Hours, Rest and Leave Entitlements
一、工作时间按下列第 项确定:
1. The working hours shall be determined as set forth in Item ___ below:
(1) The normal working hours system shall be implemented. Party B shall work no more than 8 hours a day, and 40 hours a week, and shall have at least one day’s rest each week.
(2) A non-fixed working hours system shall be implemented with the necessary approval from the relevant labor administration authorities.
3、实行经劳动保障行政部门批准实行的综合计算工时工作制。结算周期:按 结算。
(3) A cumulative working hours system shall be implemented with the necessary approval from the relevant labor administration authorities.
2. Due to its operational needs, Party may extend Party B’s working hours upon consultation with the Trade Union and Party B, provided that the extended working hours for a given day should generally not exceed one hour. If an extension of working hours is necessary for special reasons, the extended working hours for a given day should not exceed three hours, provided that the extended working hours for a month should not exceed 36 hours. Party A shall ensure that Party B will receive their rest and leave entitlements according to the law.
第四条 劳动报酬及支付方式与时间
Article 4 Work Remuneration, Payment Method and Date of Payment.
一、乙方试用期间的月劳动报酬为 元。
1. The monthly remuneration payable to Party B during the probationary period shall be RMB___________.
二、试用期满后,乙方在法定工作时间内提供正常劳动的月劳动报酬为 元,或根据甲方确定的薪酬制度确定为 。
2. After the expiration of the probationary period, the monthly remuneration for Party B’s performance of his normal labor obligations within statutory working hours shall be RMB_______, or RMB ____ determined under Party A’s remuneration policies.
Party B’s wage increase/decrease, bonuses, allowances and subsidies, and overtime wages, as well as the wage payment in special circumstances, shall be governed by relevant laws and regulations and Party A’s internal rules and policies. The wages paid by Party A to Party B shall not be less than the minimum wage standard stipulated by the people’s government where the employer is located.
三、甲方的工资发放日为每月 日。甲方应当以货币形式按月支付工资,不得拖欠。
3. Party A will pay wages to Party B on the ___th day of each month. Party A shall wages in monetary form on a monthly basis, without delay.
4. During any period when Party B participates in any social activities which citizens are requested to perform for national or public interests, during statutory working hours, Party A shall pay wages to Party B according to the law.
第五条 社会保险
Article 5 Social Insurance
Party a and Party B must participate in social insurance and pay social insurance premiums on a monthly basis in accordance with the law. The amount payable by Party B shall be withheld by Party B from the Party A’s monthly wages.
第六条 劳动保护、劳动条件和职业危害防护
Article 6 Labor Protection, Working Conditions and Protections Against Occupational Hazards
The Parties must strictly implement relevant national occupational safety, labor protection and occupational sanitation procedures and standards. Any job exposed to occupational hazards shall be specified in the contract, and Party A shall provide Party B with work safety and hygiene facilities, labor protection equipment and other necessary conditions for Party B’s work activities. Party B must strictly comply with the work disciplines, operating procedures and safety rules set by Party A. Party A must conscientiously carry out relevant provisions formulated by the state for the protection of female and under-aged employees,
第七条 劳动合同变更、解除、终止
Article 7 Modification, Cancellation and Termination the Employment Contract
1. The Parties may modify relevant terms of the Employment Contract where they have agreed to do so through mutual consultation and agreement.
2. The Parties may terminate the Employment Contract where they have agreed to do so through mutual consultation and agreement.
3. Party B may terminate the Employment Contract with 30 days’ prior written notice to Party A. Party B may terminate the Employment Contract during the probationary period with 3 days’ written notice to Party A.
4. Party B may terminate his employment contract under any of the following circumstances involving Party A:
(1) Where Party A has failed to provide labor protection or working conditions as stipulated in the employment contract;
(2) Where Part A has failed to pay remuneration on time or in full;
(3) Where Party A has failed to contribute social insurance premiums on behalf of Party B in accordance with the law;
4. Where Party A’s policies violate laws or regulations, thereby infringing upon Party B’s rights and interests;
(5) Where Party A has concluded or modified the Employment Contract against the true intentions of Party B through the use of fraud, coercion or exploitation of the unfavorable position of Party B, as a result of which this Agreement is deemed null and void; or
(6) Other circumstances for termination by Party B as specified under laws and regulations.
Party B may terminate the Employment Contract with immediate effect and without advance notice to Party A If Party A uses violence, intimidation, or an unlawful restraint of individual freedom to compel Party B to work, or if Party A instructs Party B to violate the law or engage in hazardous work that endangers his personal safety.

甲方:firts party(盖章stamp)乙方:second party(sign here)
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