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Theater’s marketing strategy

A theater is an important part of urban cultural activities, and it has a very positive significance for the development of regional cultural undertakings. In order to ensure the healthy development of the theater in the city, it is also necessary for the theater to do a good job in market operations in the new environments. This article makes research on theater marketing.

在剧院发展的过程中,要想保证演出获得成功得到更大的效益,提前做好推广宣传十分关键。经常应用的方式:第一,大众媒体。当今社会是一个多元化社会,在移动技术不断发展的过程中,大众媒体成为不可忽视的部分。纸媒方面要和当地的报纸保持合作关系,在重点演出前通过报纸进行宣传。网络媒体方面则需要同当地的新闻网进行合作,通过网络平台加强宣传。此外,新的移动媒体包括自媒体也不容忽视,这需要剧院积极开发自媒体,通过微博、微信以及官网等社交平台加强宣传。其中,微信是现今几乎人人都会用的沟通方式。对此,可以开通剧院的专有公众号,将其作为重点发展渠道,每天对演出情况进行推送,保障宣传推广效果。第二,出版物宣传。出版物也是实际宣传工作开展的良好方式。首先,可以指定专门的年度手册,对于剧院的重要客户以及会员可以在现场免费获取且其余消 费者通过购买也能够获得。其次,艺术节手册是剧院在举办艺术节时制作的手册,在演出的过程中对现场观众 进行发放。最后,是演出的宣传单,当剧院有单场演出时即赠送给观众。第三,户外广告。在剧院发展中,宣传海报与广告也是开展实际宣传工作的重要方式。具体来说,可以在剧场的附近围廊、门口位置对宣传广告进行放置。此外,街边的广告栏也是不可忽视的宣传区域。第四,线下宣传。可以在线下积极开展各类活动,如邀请名师大家进行分享,在演出活动进行前开展具有科普性质的导赏,对电影进行放映,以此提升观众的兴趣。该方式在宣传的同时也能够较好地分析产品运营状况,具有较好的应用价值。
In the process of theater development, it is very important to do promotion well in advance if a success of the performance is to be ensured to get more benefits. Frequently used methods include: Firstly, mass media. Nowaday society is a diversified one. Mass media has become a non-negligible part in the process of continuous development of mobile technology. Paper media should maintain a cooperative relationship with local newspapers and use newspapers for publicity prior to any key performances. Online media needs to cooperate with local news networks and strengthen publicity through online platforms. In addition, new mobile media including self-media cannot be ignored. This requires theaters to actively develop self-media and strengthen publicity through social platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, and official websites. Among them, WeChat is the communication method that almost everyone uses on a daily basis. In this regard, the theater’s exclusive official account can be setup and used as a key development channel to push performances daily to ensure the effects of publicity and promotions. Secondly, publication promotion. Publications are also a good way to carry out actual publicity. First of all, a special annual manual can be designated, which can be obtained by VIP customers and members of the theater for free at present and other consumers at a cost. Besides, the manual of festival day is the one produced by the theater when the festival is held, and distributed to the audience at present during the performance. Finally, it is a leaflet for the performance, which can be presented to the audience when the theater has a single performance. Thirdly, outdoor advertising. In the development of theaters, posters and advertisements are also important ways to carry out actual publicity. Specifically, the advertisements can be placed in the corridors and doorways of the theater. In addition, the advertising columns on the streets are also a promotional area that cannot be ignored. Fourthly, offline promotions. Various offline activities can be actively carried out, such as inviting famous teachers to share about them, conducting popular science guided tours before performing activities, and showing demo movies to increase audience’s interest. This method can help better analyze the product’s operation status during the publicity, and has good application values.

剧目产品选择在剧院发展当中,要想吸引更多的青年观众观看剧目,对经典项目进行出演可以说是一种较为有效的策略。这是因为对于人们来说,通常能够对自身熟悉的事 物形成共鸣。在面对新剧目时则往往会形成一定的磁场效应,对自身的观看愿望进行激发,进而根据自身的 情况对其进行全面的了解。在对经典演出项目进行选择时也并非完全根据原著内容进行演绎,而可以在现有作品的基础上加强创新,以此对良好的作品形象进行塑造,让人们更愿意消费。除了做好经典剧目的选择以外 也可以在实际创作中发挥名人效应。具体来说,可以在剧目选择中积极做好明星的邀请以及宣传,通过名人效应使人们更愿意到剧场看剧,在提升节目知名度的基础 上进一步增加票房收入。
For the selection of repertoire products in the development of theaters, it can be said that performing classic projects is a more effective strategy to attract more young audiences to watch the repertoire. Because for many people, they will usually resonate with things they are familiar with. In the face of new repertoires, a certain magnetic field effect is often formed, which stimulates one’s own desire to watch, and then has a comprehensive understanding of it according to one’s own situation. During the selection of classic performance projects, it should not be entirely based on the contents of the original work. Instead, innovations can be strengthened on the basis of existing works, so as to shape a good image of the work and make people more willing to pay for it. In addition to making a good selection of classic repertoires, celebrity effects in actual creations can also be utilized. Specifically, in the selection of repertoires, a good job shall be done in terms of celebrity invitations and publicity. With the help of celebrity effects, people will be more likely to go to the theater to watch dramas, and further increase box office earnings while increasing the popularity of the programs.

For the customization of repertoire ticket pricing in the development of theaters, the ticket pricing is also an important consideration to make. If the price of the show is too high, it will hinder those who want to watch the drama, meanwhile if the price is too low, theaters will not be able to guarantee economic benefits they deserve. Targeted pricing can be carried out according to different repertoires. Higher prices can be specified for star repertoires, but it is also necessary to ensure a certain amount of low-priced tickets to help people better contact with celebrity repertoires. For ordinary repertoires, lower prices need to be guaranteed, but a certain amount of higher-priced tickets need to be sold too, which has a positive effect on improving the popularity of repertoires. To ensure the effects of differentiated pricing, it is necessary to actively go deep into the classified markets and refine the ticket pricing scientifically.

Developing industry diversification and ensuring the diversified development of products are also vital to ensuring the success of marketing. First of all, for different groups, different themed performances should be designed. In today’s society, it can be said that children, young adults, and the elderly are VIP customers willing to go to the theater to watch performances. In order to attract these people well in the development of the theater, different themes of performances and repertoires are required according to their different interests.

In the future development of the theater, a good job shall be done in various aspects of market management and corresponding safeguard measures shall be taken to ensure that better development can be achieved in the market environments to make greater contributions to the cultural communications.